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Announcement: NIGHT CITY BAR Server move

Hey folks,

we would like to clear up some confusion and inform you about a planned change that is close to our hearts.

As some of you might have noticed, we want to install the renamed version called Firefish on our Calckey instance NIGHT CITY BAR and at the same time switch from Hetzner to manitu as hosting provider (you can read more about that here).

We had hoped to make this move smoothly, but unfortunately we didn't succeed.

The challenge lies in two systems.

First of all, it concerns our server. Currently, NIGHT CITY BAR is running on a Hetzner server with an ARM processor. Our new server, on the other hand, has a different processor, which means that simple synchronization is not possible.

The next problem concerns the software.

We had wished to transfer the database from Calckey on Firefish to the already new server. Unfortunately we didn't succeed, because the current installation of Calckey seems to have a problem that prevents compatibility with Firefish, although it should be easy according to the developers of Firefish.

We would like to spare you the technical background at this point and do not want to answer questions and hints about it for the time being.

That's why we decided to start all over again with NIGHT CITY BAR and make a hard cut. This means that we will delete all data and rebuild the instance on our new server.

To protect your data, we ask you to temporarily switch to another instance, for example or Once we have completed the move, you will be free to become part of our community again.

Originally, the server move was scheduled for 07/30/2023, as the old server has already been cancelled. We have extended this move once again to 08/30/2023 - with a little special feature. Since there are not too many active users on NIGHT CITY BAR, the move will take place earlier, once all active users have moved.

We are aware that this step will not meet with everyone's undivided approval. However, it is necessary so that we can continue to operate our NIGHT CITY BAR in the future and create an improved platform for our community.

Another matter is close to my heart: I recently wrote to all active users on NIGHT CITY BAR and informed them about this step. Unfortunately I had to realize that some of you do not like this step and that I was even answered with insults. At this point I would like to emphasize once again that we run all our instances in our spare time, without any financial background. Everyone is free to create their own instance and take care of it. I have a lot of fun running the instances, but such insults really don't have to be.

Let's continue to be a friendly and respectful community that enjoys NIGHT CITY BAR together and sharing in this special environment.

Thank you for your understanding and support.

Your team of NIGHT CITY BAR


Q: When will the server move take place?
A: As described on 08/30/2023 (unless all active users have already moved to another instance beforehand).

Q: What happens if I don't move to another instance in the meantime?
A: Your data will be irrevocably deleted.

Q: Can I transfer my posts to another instance?
A: This is possible as long as the other instance provides the import function.

Q: Can I help you with the server move?
A: Unfortunately this is not possible, but thank you for your offer.

Q: Will the NIGHT CITY BAR be closed for good?
A: No, as already described it will not be discontinued but rebuilt!

Q: I heard that CORTEX IMPLANT will be discontinued, is that true?
A: No, CORTEX IMPLANT will remain - where did you hear that?

Q: I heard that TOTENTANZ will be discontinued, is that true?
A: No, TOTENTANZ will continue - where did you hear that?

Q: I heard that CYBERPUNK PICS will be discontinued, is that true?
A: No, CYBERPUNK PICS will continue, but it will have a new name.

Q: Why don't you want to go into more detail about the problems with the move?
A: We have already received a lot of information and therefore do not need any more information.

Q: You dumbf*cks couldn't get DATATERM and CYBERWARE to work and now this?
A: Unfortunately there were some problems in the past, this happens.