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Step into the zone, chromehead. You've landed in RELAY - OBEY THE SYSTEM, the cyberpunk'ishd Fediverse Relay for all you cyberjunkies, netrzbbers, and renegades across the globe. In this twisted digital dance, we're all in it together – edgerunners, streetkids, fixers, rockers, and even the techies looking for a taste of the action.

What is this relay doing?

Dig it, choomba. A Fediverse Relay ain't just your run-of-the-mill data pipe. Nah, it's a cyberpunk artery, a damn digital wormhole that stitches together the ragtag mess of platforms and nodes sprawled across the Federation Universe's gritty sprawl. You're talking about a decentralized neural circus, a grid where voices ain't got no damn borders – where the badass edgerunners, the roaming nomads, and the code-slinging netrunners come together in one wild-ass symphony.

This ain't no corpo-controlled playpen, pal. The info? It flows like a rebel river, breaking free from the chokehold them suits be tryna keep on it. That Fediverse Relay? It's the pulsing heartbeat of a new age, a virtual battleground where the runners pull the strings. Data don't just move, it grooves, man. Revolutions? They ain't just sparks, they're full-blown neon infernos set to blaze across the digital skyline. And that realm? It ain't just ones and zeros, it's a damn uprising – a surge of freedom coursing through the veins of the cybernetic beast.


Hold up, chombatta. The relay's currently locked down in Restricted Mode – that means you gotta play it cool and get the green light from the relay honcho before you even think about plugging in. Don't even try to jack in without getting the admin's nod. Save yourself the headache and hit up the top brass before you make any moves to join the party.

If you're itchin' to get down with our relay crew, you better come correct. Shoot a message straight from your fediverse admin account to either @lucy or @skye. No shortcuts, no backdoors – that's the only way to punch your ticket into our wild ride.

Listen up, controller. If you're manning the Mastodon ship, you wanna hitch your ride to this relay, follow these coordinates:

Yo, decker. You're the head honcho over at Misskey (or Iceshrimp), and you wanna plug into this relay action? No sweat, just punch in these digits:

Hey there, system wrangler for Akkoma. If you're lookin' to link up with this relay buzz, all you gotta do is drop in these encrypted coordinates:


Hold runner. Don't think you can just waltz in like a maelstrom rowdy. We're picky 'round here, only letting in the instances that play by our community rules. So if you're gonna ride with us, make sure your ride's got all the right moves.

Connected Servers


Q: I didn't understand anything, what is a relay?
A: A relay is a software component that enhances connectivity and collaboration between instances that subscribe to it. This mechanism proves to be especially beneficial for smaller instances, as it allows them to effectively extend their federated timeline.

Q: I still don't get it...
A: A relay connects several servers to each other. A kind of federation. Connected server content (public posts only) will be displayed in the federated timeline.

Q: Honestly, what?
A: Instances with the same interests are connected and can exchange information?

Q: I don't understand...
A: Choom, I think your chip is broken! Seek out a ripperdoc!

Q: How can I join with my Feidverse account?
A: Only admins of an instance can join the relay, ask your admin for help!

Q: I am an admin, how can I join your relay?
A: Write to @lucy or @skye with your admin account and ask to join. Please note that your instance should have about the same rules as ours. Once we approve you, we will send you information on how to set it up.

Q: Who manages this relay?
A: The relay is administred by @felsqualle and @revengeday. Please ask questions about the relay to @lucy or @skye - through them you can reach the entire OBEY THE SYSTEM team and we can forward requests to the appropriate people.